Sam Fortier

Sam Fortier is a freelance journalist and Syracuse University '18 student.
He serves as the Sports Editor of The Daily Orange, SU's independent campus paper.


Who I am: A journalist from New Hampshire.

Now: Contributor at The Ringer, Sports Editor at The Daily Orange, and student at Syracuse University.

Past: Intern at The Ringer, Esquire, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Boston sports radio station WEEI.

Future: I hope to write for a living.

Awards: 2017 William Glavin award for Excellence in Magazine Writing, John Mitchell Award for Sports Reporting, and nominee for the Jim Murray Memorial Foundation Scholarship. Ninth place in the 2017 Hearst profile writing awards.

Otherwise: I spend free time traveling, hiking, reading or with family.


Power Move

Inside Mike Hopkins' departure from Syracuse

Mike Hopkins spent more time in Syracuse than he had anywhere else in his life. He was supposedly one year away from inheriting the SU men's basketball team from its legendary coach. Then, suddenly, Hopkins left.

Boise State Mounts a Paper Defense of its Home Turf

Protecting Boise's famous blue field

The blue field at Boise State University's Bronco Stadium was installed in 1986, and ever since, BSU has protected its gimmick with a trademark.

The New Road to the Six

Jerry Stackhouse's D-League experiment

He wants to be an NBA head coach without toiling as an assistant for years. By leaving Toronto for the D-League, he hopes to prove the same minors-to-majors pipeline players increasingly enjoy can work for bosses as well.

Pocket Awareness 

The quiet side of USC quarterback Sam Darnold

USC freshman QB Sam Darnold is a shy kid averse to shouts and speeches. After changing the Rose Bowl–bound Trojans’ fortunes by taking over the starting job in-season, the budding superstar has no intention of changing who he is.

The Making of Myles Garrett

Spending draft night with the No. 1 pick

Spending draft night with this year’s no. 1 pick — and the formative friends and family he wanted to honor before setting off to begin his NFL career in Cleveland.

The sinking of Syracuse’s season as seen from the student section

A 30-hour bus ride ended in disappointment  

For Syracuse's 2016 Final Four run, I rode the student bus to Houston and wrote about the journey in a four-part series.

Brusque Bouncer at Unicorn Bar

"Quit your job and take a trip."

In summer 2016, I created a 300-word metro series called "Seattle Stories" and wrote about one person I met each week for six weeks. This is one of those stories.

Magic runs out for No. 2 Syracuse in 10-7, season-ending loss to No. 11 Towson

The magic of SU's season finally ran out

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